Grey and Cloudy Starts on Dinosaur Isle

August 10, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I live on an island and I guess for some people just saying that can bring up visions of sandy beaches, palm trees, clear blue waters, high temperatures... et cetera, et cetera...

Only this island is at the south of the UK and since the schools have broken up we've had a lot of rain. And our seas are kinda murky, not clear. 

Don't get me wrong, on certain days the skies are beautiful, the days are warm and you can be the only person on a beach several miles long, imagining a time when dinosaurs roamed these parts and pretending to be a character from a Jules Verne novel who has stranded their U-Boat off the coast and discovered a long lost world.


A wonderful model, Joey21, made contact as she was down here on holiday and I suggested an early start so we could catch the sun rising and have the beach to ourselves. We started at 4am and drove to the beach. As expected, the beach was quiet, but it wasn't exactly golden, warm and didn't have the Sun saying "hello" to us both with it's warm rays of light. It was cold, grey and very cloudy. But nevermind, such are the joys of working on location.  The universe wanted us to have grey and cloudy, so you work with it as long as you can without feeling too cold (safety tip: it's important to keep your models alive and happy to work with you). Although the weather wasn't playing ball I think we did alright. 

A massive thank you to Joey21 for being an absolute trooper. 





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