Fascination with nature

October 03, 2017
The world is a fascinating place. From the largest creation to the smallest and beyond. Every little thing has been considered (by nature or divine intervention - feel fr...
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A week with my new strobes

August 17, 2017
I only went and bought some bloomin' strobe lights.... I'd made a list of all the bits and pieces I'd need if I wanted to set up a basic home studio and then thought r...
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Grey and Cloudy Starts on Dinosaur Isle

August 10, 2017
I live on an island and I guess for some people just saying that can bring up visions of sandy beaches, palm trees, clear blue waters, high temperatures... et cetera, et...
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Back to the studio and back to textures and overlays

July 27, 2017
So I'm getting quite a bug for flash photography. Like using the pen tool or luminosity masks, I managed to avoid it for quite some time. Now I've started I'm not sure wh...
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Mental blocks and the wonder of Laurel and Hardy

July 05, 2017
Sometimes, when I show people my work, they will ask how I manage to keep coming up with ideas for what to photograph. I usually laugh it off and take it as a complement,...
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